Oct 15/16

October 16, 2008

Internet has been spotty, but I will regale you with tales son. Oh the tales!

Things I miss: English Bay, sushi, my cats, friends. And Starbucks.


Oct 13/14

October 14, 2008

Less internet access means fewer chances to write, but all is well. More soon.

Monkey Eating Offerings, Swayambunath Stupa

October 13, 2008

A monkey at the Swayambunath Stupa (Monkey Temple) eats from an offering basket.

Girls playing in Bhaktapur

October 12, 2008

These girls were playing a version of jacks with stones. They could really kick ass!

October 9, 10, 11, 12

October 10, 2008

Oct 9 was uneventful and relaxing and we are off this morning to Nagarkot. Other people’s photos here. We’ll be back Sat or Sun, not sure yet. We are going with Heather and Maika and the kids — 8 kids, I think.

UPDATE – there were 9 kids, and the trek was 7 hours, and the kids (ages 6-16) were awesome and not one of them complained even once! We had a great time and saw gorgeous views, and took a taxi home! I am so totally tired!

Need more pics? Try this flickr set of Kathmandu markets.

October 8

October 8, 2008

Another beautiful day in Tinchuli (TIN chew lee). The sky is blue and dotted with clouds and it’s perfect t-shirt weather. I am enjoying a routine of leisurely mornings, going out once for a while and staying in the rest of the day — that is, on days we are staying around home. A trip elsewhere in a cab necessitates an earlier departure.

David is shooting now. He shoots every day. Some of his photos so far are gorgeous, tho I think he wishes the quantity of nice photos were greater. I think he will be satisfied in the end. Next week he works 7 days for World Education Nepal, and they are flying him on short flights to a few Nepali villages; he will get a nice perspective on village life. We saw a nearby village last year, and we will go again, but the more remote a place is the more rustic and distinct.

I am sitting in Flavor’s waiting on my vegetarian Tibetan soup and drinking a banana lassi. There is a fountain in here and soft Nepali music on the stereo. The Stupa outside is maggoty with tourists, but thankfully they have not all descended on Flavor’s. Once last week David was in here 3 times and me twice. When we left they said, “See you tomorrow!” It’s nice to have a hang out here. The food is good and staff are friendly and know enough English to serve us well. There are also two little people that work here, a man and a woman, no more than 3½ feet tall. They are also very friendly.

It is quiet because Dasain is this week – tomorrow is the big day when most things will close. We gather the celebration days are a bit flexible, but for the last few days there has been less traffic, and more people walkign with prayer beads to and from the stupa, and more Nepalis – the women, especially, dressed very nicely.

There are children flying kites all over, sometimes from rooftops. One can easily count a dozen little kites at any time. I passed two very young boys on the path recently who were tending to their kite. I greeted them but they were very shy.

The neighborhood is full of dogs and chickens, goats and cows. Most of the dogs are strays and if they aren’t adorable, then they are a bit ill-looking, but all of them leave us alone (unless I am carrying hot buffalo momos). There are lots of cute stray puppies all over, but we know better than to touch them. We enjoy their cuteness from afar.

A man just came into the restaurant and he is one of the loudest talkers I have ever heard. I  bet anything he’s an American. The man he is with is quiet, all of the Westerners in here are quiet. But the loud man had to come in and sit at the table next to me. It’s just like being at home! Oh, now he is ordering (steak, of course) and being very particular about his order. I am embarrassed!

Cheers, everyone, still having a great time. I will try to take a few good pics after lunch.

October 7

October 7, 2008

Today was a lot like yesterday, except we had pizza for lunch. My goats have not been around and I miss them. Maybe I will get a photograph or two tomorrow. I miss the friends back home.