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September 30

September 30, 2008

Went to Thamel (TA-mel) today, a very touristy market that goes on forever, but it’s fun all the same. Got our cell phones working today so we can stay in touch. Had dinner with Heather and Maika and played with their precious bunny rabbit Zoe. She licks toes!

Best thing at the market: wool shops that sell all sorts of colourful doodads made from yak wool. There was an awesome green dragon puppet I may have to go back for.

I didn’t take pictures because the bumpy ride to the market made me feel ill, so I took it easy, but here are other people’s pictures of it on Flickr and here are other people’s videos of Thamel.


Boy with Butter Candles

September 30, 2008

A boy attends to butter candles on the road to the Boudhanath Stupa. Taken Sept 29/08.

Delhi Bomb Sept 27th

September 30, 2008

David couldn’t come into the Delhi airport to get me because of security in the wake of this. Good thing he was by a window.

Witness Raj Singh Daswal said he saw two men on a motorcycle drop a black plastic bag that was picked up by a boy.

“He ran after the men telling them ‘uncle, uncle you dropped something’,” Daswal told Reuters. “Immediately after, there was a huge explosion. The boy’s head was blown off.”



September 30, 2008
Tuesday September 30 to Saturday October 4

Tuesday September 30 to Saturday October 4

September 29

September 29, 2008

Woke to roosters calling, dogs barking, birds singing, babies crying, music and sweet smells. Breakfast of fresh guava, banana, pear and local yogurt (travel tip: eating local yogurt is one of the best ways to acclimatize your stomach). It was good. Took a walk to the Stupa and took photographs and looked in shops. Had lunch at our friend Heather and Maika’s new house. It is big and beautiful. They gave us a tour of the house, introduced David to some very hot, very tiny red chile peppers, and introduced or reintroduced us to pets and friends that were there. The new bunny Zoe is sweet! Home for a nap before dinner. It gets dark by about 6 pm here so we may end up rising early and going to bed early. Dinner was buffalo momos, a  steamed dumpling that is delish.

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September 28

September 29, 2008

We arrived in Kathmandu around 3:00 PM. Our friend Maika met us at the airport, but we were late so he waited 2 hours. Maika rode his bike to the airport because there was a Bandth that day that prohibited driving. A Bandth (bund) is a forced strike that one of the political groups will impose on the city. Lucky for us there were some taxi drivers who still operated during the Bandth, even though they charged double.

David, Rosane and I settled into the guest house.It is quite a luxurious house with marble, several balconies, crown moulding and custom woodwork. It is a peaceful house. David said it feels like coming home and it does. Bob and Sonam, who run the guest house, and Caleb, their 5-year old son, greeted us warmly.

The three of us walked about 15 minutes in the rain to find a place for dinner (it is the very tail end of monsoon). We had a good meal at a restaurant that used to be called Cafe de New Orleans, and still has some New Orleans charm in the decor with iron tables and candles, etc.

We all went to bed early and slept; I am the only one still jet-lagged because David and Rosane were both in India for 2 weeks already, but I am ok. Sleepy sometimes but ok.

David’s pictures from India

September 29, 2008

Go here and click on the gallery titled Ladakh, bottom of screen.